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You can also be part of the R&D most important company for the Country’s for the Energy Industry.

Y-TEC works within a wide spectrum of solutions for the industry and organizes its capacities in 16 areas of expertise. In addition to the technical areas, you can be part of cross-sectional and support areas.

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Job opportunities

Misión: Identify and develop computational numerical models and simulations including preprocessing (geometry modeling and mesh generation), solution and post-processing for different applications.

Área: Modeling and Simulation

Lugar de trabajo: Y-TEC, Berisso, Buenos Aires

Conocé más y postulate: https://y-tec.com.ar/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/mecanica-computacional-05-20.pdf

Misión: Perform solutions of differential equations in partial derivatives (development and application, preferably in the area of solid mechanics and fracture mechanics) and scientific programming (C++/Phyton, MPI / MP, PETSc/SLEPc).

Área: Modeling and Simulation

Lugar de trabajo: Y-TEC, Berisso, Buenos Aires

Conocé más y postulate: https://y-tec.com.ar/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/modelado-05-20.pdf

Misión: Apply expansive thermo-rigid polymers for expansive wells cementing with foaming agents.

Área: Fine Chemistry and Nanomaterials

Lugar de trabajo: Y-TEC, Berisso, Buenos Aires

Conocé más y postulate: https://y-tec.com.ar/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Beca-posdoc-Ciencia-de-materiales.pdf

Misión: Perform designs and synthesis of macromolecular systems for applications in Oil & Gas industry.

Área: Fine Chemistry and Nanomaterials

Lugar de trabajo: Y-TEC, Berisso, Buenos Aires

Conocé más y postulate: https://y-tec.com.ar/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/quimica-05-20.pdf

Researchers Program and Support Staff at the Company

If you are a Researcher or a member of the Support Staff (CPA) at CONICET, you can join Y-TEC’s technical teams to work on specific R&D projects. It is important that you keep in mind that your participation in our company does not entail leaving behind your position as CIC or CPA researcher.

CONICET personnel at Y-TEC join our working teams full-time, and their integration formally implies a change in the workplace for the company and the possibility to receive additional compensation for productivity.

Y-TEC has a central role in the implementation of projects. The definition of methodology, scope and activities to be performed, as well as the follow-up and monitoring of the progress, are defined by the company.

The activity of a CONICET researcher at Y-TEC is compatible with teaching, the management of scholarship grantees or other educational activities that the researcher might carry out. The situation must only be communicated to Y-TEC for the purpose of considering this situation in the planning of the projects.
Regarding the communication of research findings, at Y-TEC, we promote publishing in specialized magazines or participation at conferences of technical interest. In all cases, the members of the working team shall previously agree on these activities in order to avoid the distribution of confidential information.

CONICET | Y-TEC R&D projects are formally considered by the Counsel as Technological and Social Development Projects (PDTS). Thus, researchers with a workplace at Y-TEC can request their assessment at Y-TEC or at Ad-Hoc committees created for that purpose by CONICET.

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PhD and postdoctoral scholarship program

Y-TEC’s co-financed scholarship program is intended for young Argentine and foreign university graduates who wish to pursue doctoral studies and to carry out postdoctoral research tasks that match the company’s strategic lines.
Scholarship grantees must dedicate themselves exclusively to research tasks and can only hold teaching positions at universities during the scholarship period.
Research tasks can be performed at Y-TEC or at one of CONICET’s implementation units or at any other implementation unit of the scientific system, prior agreement between the company and the relevant authorities.
When the scholarship is co-financed by Y-TEC, the company contributes (at least) 50% of the monthly stipend that the institution awards to the grantee.

Types of Scholarship

Doctoral Scholarship

intended to pursue doctoral studies and to develop resources in specific and/or critical areas of expertise for the company.

Postdoctoral Scholarship

intended to perform research tasks on projects that provide valuable knowledge to Y-TEC’s technological programs.

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Internship Program

Y-TEC’s Internship Program allows you to acquire experience through different professional practices that will help you complement your academic development.
Throughout the whole internship, you will have the support of a mentor specially appointed to guide you in the induction process, to transmit the culture and practices of the company and to manage your assessment and monitoring during the first stage of your professional career.
The program lasts one year, and can be renewable for 6 more months. The work schedule is 20 hours per week, with 10 days for exams and a 5-day vacation per semester. Additionally, you will have a compensation incentive and health insurance.

Requirements for application


Being a regular university student.


To have passed 50-70% of your subjects and to have more than one and a half years left before getting your degree.


To have a good command of the English language.


To attest a very good academic performance.

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