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H2ar Consortium

H2ar Consortium

We have launched H2AR Consortium, an opportunity to innovate and boost the development of the hydrogen economy in Argentina.

For further information contact: H2AR@ypftecnologia.com


It is a collaborative workspace between companies that already work or are interested in taking part of the hydrogen value chain, from production to application. The companies participating come from different sectors:


• Automotive (light and heavy-duty mobility, machinery and buses)Electric power generation

• Electric power generation

• Natural gas transporters and distributors

• Oil refiners

• Hydrogen producers and consumers in Argentina

• Utility energy consumers

• Hydrogen technologies and infrastructure companies

• Create a common mid and long-term vision to align efforts and reduce the uncertainty of new technologies implementation and business opportunities on hydrogen.

• Develop pilot projects to define efficiencies, costs and operation parameters and give signs investment that activate the local market.

• Generate strategies in the different fields of application that identify challenges and promote the development of local technological and productive capacities in an associative way.

In resonance with global decarbonization and electrification trends, hydrogen is projected as an energy vector linking primary sources with consumption points. In this context, the energy sector will possibly have to reconfigure its structure and the roles of the players thanks to new technologies and the emergence of business opportunities in the so-called hydrogen economy.


Argentina has excellent natural conditions for hydrogen production, either through its highly competitive renewable resources, or through its important natural gas reserves.  It also has a highly trained science and technology system to early tackle technological challenges with good expectations. These starting conditions allow projecting very competitive hydrogen costs that support the appeal for the search for opportunities.

• Positioning and early opportunities for new technological, industrial and service businesses.
• Help your value chain to be decarbonized in Argentina.
• Connections with regulatory organisms in Argentina to facilitate your technology implementation.

Depending on the field of action and structure of your company:
• I+D
• Energetic efficiency
• Environment
• New businesses
• Marketing

In Y-TEC we have an interdisciplinary team of specialists in electrochemical and catalytic processes, materials science and simulation. We also associate with a framework of technology partners from the national scientific system that positions us as leaders in the field.

The Consortium structured its work through 8 cells in its first stage. That’s the space where the member companies, coordinated by Y-TEC, work to build indicators, study the viability of new businesses and project technological pilots for the promotion of the hydrogen value chain in Argentina.


Work cells

  • 1


    Analyzes the availability of resources and costs associated with the generation of blue and green hydrogen.

  • 2


    Studies the technical and regulatory aspects of the use of both gas pipelines and trailers.

  • 3


    Analyzes the use of H2 as fuel in regional trains as well as freight and passenger transport.

  • 4

    Natural gas network

    Focuses on the costs and impacts of direct injection and methanation.

  • 5


    Studies the possibility of using H2 in industrial processes of various kinds (urea, steel, etc.) and the generation of high-temperature heat.

  • 6

    Electric power

    Focuses on the analysis of renewable energy storage and the capacity to provide ancillary services.

  • 7


    Assesses export possibilities through H2 (ammonia or LOHC) or LH2 (liquid hydrogen) carriers.

  • 8

    Regulation and standards

    Works jointly with companies and the inter-ministry committee to identify legal and regulatory aspects related to the development of H2.

Documents and relevant information

Dialogue H2ar- CES

We analyzed Hydrogen opportunities in Argentina and potential promotion regime

We participated in the Forum "Towards a 2030 National Hydrogen Strategy"

Where the development potentials of an inclusive and sustainable energy matrix through Hydrogen were analyzed.

Santiago Sacerdote participated in the panel "Perspectives of Green Hydrogen in Argentina and Latin America"

Our CEO spoke about the role of the H2ar Consortium in the country

Cell work progress within the framework of H2ar

Second round of work sessions with member companies held in 2021

More than 30 companies launch the H2ar Consortium

The companies that will participate in a cutting-edge collaborative platform have been announced

Launching presentation

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Documents and relevant information

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